How does Viagra work?

The product of Viagra suggests getting Viagra one hour before having sex. But, scientific studies have recommended that it could start working even sooner than that. Some people were able to achieve an erection just 12 min after taking Viagra, even though this was not finally proven to be due to Viagra. And while the maximum concentration of sildenafil in the blood isn’t reached until about an hour after taking it (and is potentially delayed by an additional hour if taken with food), it took a median of 27 minutes (with a range of 12–70 minutes) for men taking sildenafil to begin experiencing erections. This was 23 minutes sooner than the median time of 50 minutes experienced by those who took a placebo.

The half-life of Viagra in the body is more or less four hours, meaning that every four hours after getting it, there’s only half as much of the drug left. However, even 10 to 12 hours after taking Viagra, men could still often achieve erections hard enough for penetration, though of a shorter duration. After 24 hours, all traces of Viagra in the blood are practically gone.

What are the positive effects of Viagra?

Viagra has been shown to be useful and effective more or less in three men among 4 man who users of Viagra with erectile dysfunction. Beyond any doubt, its effectiveness is decreased if you take Viagra after eating a lot of heavy meal or consuming large amounts of alcohol. Without sexual stimulation, Viagra won’t produce any results. In other words, you first must want to have sex hot and long enough. The underlying cause and severity of your erectile dysfunction also impact on how successfully you respond to Viagra. Don’t panic if you do not experience successful results the first time you take Viagra. This is not uncommon among man. Many doctors recommend trying Viagra up to eight times before moving to a higher dosage or exploring an alternative treatment.

What’s the difference between Cialis and Viagra

In short,  we can answer that question by saying No! The biological effects of the drugs are, no doubt, resembling, but there are some hidden differences between them.


Using a dose of Viagra drug basically means you will be an erection minimum for 4 hours come hell or high water. It’s not guaranteed for sure, but most users experience an erection within 30 minutes of ingestion, sometimes even without any stimulation. The erection typically lasts in varying states of rigidity until the drug exits the system in 3-5 hours.


Unlike Viagra, taking a dose of Cialis does not directly result in an erection, but instead heightens the likelihood and frequency of achieving an erection while the drug is in your system, that can be anywhere from 1 to 3 days. It requires a little more mental effort and/or stimulation to take effect but will last a full weekend. Some users claim it’s a more organic and therefore enjoyable sexual experience, while others believe it doesn’t work as well as Viagra and are unable to achieve an erection at all.


Viagra has achieved, across the world,  such widespread recognition and usage that it’s practically and in theory become one of the best treatment for erectile dysfunction treatment. And while this has led to greater openness on the subject of impotence and sexual performance issues, discussion of sexual difficulties can still be a challenging topic for many. If you’ve any problem about erectile dysfunction, do not wait anymore to get Viagra online in

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